The Earth Week 2017 edition is funded by Visegrad Grants, as a cross-border project between Fundacja Laja and Petrklic Help.

43-petrklic_help_logovisegrad_fund_logo_web_grey_800 fundacja-laja

The Earth Week project aims to educate and offer inspirational ideas for possible behavioral change through workshops on ecological topics, lectures and meetings. This year we will celebrate the 5th edition of Earth Week with workshops on up-cycling, gardening, natural remedies, bird walks, fair trade breakfast, seed bomb workshop, action bound (discover your green city), movie screenings, talks on consumerism & food cycle, green book corner. Throughout the week, there will be a special designated place for donating clothes and other products for refugees and people in need.

These activities will be summed up in a newspaper where articles, know-hows, examples of good practices and D.I.Y. guides will be provided.

The Earth Times Newspaper will be presented during the Tea Festival (01-02 July 2017) and then be distributed in specific places around Poland and Czech Republic (environmental NGOs, schools, alternative cafes, English libraries).

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