The Earth Week 2018 edition will go deeper into the topic of environmental education, with a main focus on the Zero Waste concept. Throughout the years since we’ve been organizing The Earth Week festival, we realized that education and stories of change-makers has the biggest impact on inspiring people to be more conscious about their everyday choices.

The Earth Week project aims to educate and offer inspirational ideas for possible behavioral change through workshops on ecological topics, lectures and meetings. The 2018 edition will bring together a series of workshops, lectures, meetings and documentaries dedicated to the Zero Waste concept.

In 2017, we organized a Paczka od Serca action, collecting clothes, toys and other items for refugees and people in need. It was a successful activity and we decided organize it again in 2018. We are happy to receive any suggestions for where should we donate next year. Write to us at info@laja.pl or kreatywnyrecykling@gmail.com with any suggestions you may have.

Check out our magazine The Earth Times, full of inspirational stories from around the world.

The Earth Week 2017 retrospective

Our 5th Earth Week edition was funded by Visegrad Fund and was organized between 18.04 and 22.04, as a cross-border cooperation between Fundacja Laja and Petrklic help.  We organized a series of educational workshops and lectures and more. Check out the everything that happened in our past editions under the Editions tab.

In 2017 we launched our The Earth Times magazine, an inspirational and educational magazine focused on environmental topics. We are madly in love with how it turned out, from the graphics, the content and the whole energy transmitted throughout its making-of process. We distributed it around Czech Republic and Poland, in alternative places that are in line with our principles. Check out where under The Earth Times tab. We made it available online in Polish-English and Polish-Czech so that we can reach more people from all over the world.





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